1on1 Training

Our 1on1 sessions are perfect for those players who are really looking to improve/develop and take their game to the next level! These sessions are very much based around the individuals needs and wants, meaning the training is very specialised - something you don't get at a group session. Our 1on1 sessions allow us to work on a specific weakness you may have, or if you wanted to learn more about your specific position and how to stand out over everyone else in your position. 

At AJ 1-2-1 Coaching we like to work on the main aspects of the game, these are shown below. Unless there is a specific part of your game you would like to improve then the sessions will be built up of the topics below: 

- Brain Training / Awareness

- Shooting

- Weak Foot

- First Touch

- Dribbling / Ball Manipulation

- Positional Awareness

- Confidence

- Balance / Co-Ordination